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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fresh Mango Compote Parfaits

Mango Compote Parfaits

Today I was in my kitchen being indecisive. I knew I wanted a snack, but what? So I decided to go through my fridge, which is beginning to look sparse because its the end of the month. Three ingredients stuck out to me, Mango, Vanilla Yogurt, and a Lemon. So I put those on the counter and started to slice up my Mango. Slicing a Mango can be tricky. If you've attempted it before you will notice it has a rather large pit.

My Method for Cutting Mangos:

Lets see if this Make Sense...

1.) Stand up the Mango so its tall and cut down the broad flat sides first.

2.) Slice those broad slices in half and run your knife starting at the tip of the slice where the flesh and skin meet all the way down & discard the skin.

3. Then I cut the smaller sides and the little tops and bottoms away from the pit and do the same process of removing the flesh from the skin.

4.) Lastly I cut them into thin slices and then in half again Julianne style and then once again into
a small dice.

I saw some delicious local fire weed honey in a mason jar that my mother in law gave to me so I added that to the chopped Mango in a small mixing bowl . Then I added a sprinkling of salt, some powdered ginger, the zest of half a large Lemon, and a squeeze of Lemon Juice. I mixed it all together and let it just sit together and marinate for a bit.

While the compote was compoting, I saw that I had a box of Grape Nuts and a few Pecans.

Thats when it hit me.

Mango Parfaits Baby. Oh Yeah.

(Completed Mango Compote)

So I grabbed my stemless red wine glasses which now double as elegant parfait glasses, and began to layer like I've never layered before. First some Vanilla yogurt, then the Grape Nuts Nuggets ( I like the word Nugget,) then the star, the Mango Compote ( compote is another word I like, dont ask why.) Then to make it really special another sprinkling of Nuggets and a half a pecan.

Luckily My Mother stopped by today so I could share this delicious treat with her. She LOVES to pose for pictures with my son, her only grandson, the most perfect child alive, Olie. Okay I'm getting a little carried away.

Now don't you want that kind of smile on your face?

Recipe for Mango Compote
  • 1 Mango peeled and chopped into a small dice
  • 1/4 C Honey
  • Zest of 1/2 a Large lemon
  • A Sprinkling of Salt
  • 1/4 tsp Powdered Ginger
  • A Little Squeeze of Lemon Juice
Combine all ingredients above. Layer Yogurt, Grape Nut Nuggets, Mango Compote, and garnish with more Grape Nuts and a Pecan. Maybe even a few.

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