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Monday, May 24, 2010

Beginning Gardneing from a Beginner.

Today while my son was taking his nap I was thinking, "am I going to take my usual nap too?" No. I decided I was going to take advantage of the beautiful day that was unraveling before my very eyes and garden in the little space I have left in my newly roto-tilled gardening square. Here's one thing I planted today and what I used to do it: A package of Ed Hume Seeds brand Kentucky Wonder Beans, two claws, and gloves with rubber on the palms. Ed Hume is a local Seed company to the Northwest and so I like to support that. You also may be wondering why two of the same tool? I actually have several reasons for that, one, the spacing between the the claws for poking holes, two, its good to have several of one kind of tool so that if you leave them all over the yard you can always find one, and three, I like feeling of the different weights between the plastic and the metal claws.

First I clawed up the dirt with my little metal claw because its heavier it just seems to get in the dirt quicker and easier than the plastic one. Then I made a straight row with the dirt, and used my more spaced apart plastic claw and gently poked holes all the way down so it does the spacing for you.

Then drop in the beans, and press while cupping your hands over the row to seal in the seeds.

Then water.

My Husband decided to join me & he planted some habenaro peppers to make hot sauce this year. He loves himself some hot sauce!

So if you are feeling productive and decide to skip your daily cat nap, pick up a packet of seeds, dig in the dirt, and soon you see little sprouts of joy, that will grow into your next meal of homegrown goodness!

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  1. Katie , you have good ideas and you are sooo fun!love, Bobbi