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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm back! Sewing up a swell of Swine!

I had originally started this blog to share my ideas, creations, recipes and pictures with others because it seemed pointless to just keep them all to myself in the deep files of my D drive. Then I lost a little blogger faith in the what should be everlasting well hope, that if you blog they will follow. After only seven posts. Then my Uncle from way up north in Alaska reminded me that I'm great, super, fantastic even! And you know what he's right! I think you can't go wrong with self empowerment and positive thinking.

Sew, ( <- hint hint ) I've decided to share in a little something I feel all homemakers should at least try, sewing! I got a thrifty nifty sewing machine from my sweet mother in law. She is a great seamstress who has sewn a lot of her own clothes growing up and her own wedding dress!
I got a quick lesson on the different parts of the machine, there's the bobbin where the bottom thread is held, the foot that lifts up and down to hold down and guide your fabric, and the all important pedal that you get to press your foot down ever so gently to get sewing!

Lately I've been producing a whole pens worth of portly little pigs! They are cute enough to eat! I got the template/pattern for free from the woman herself, Martha Stewart.

I call this little porker red and yellow pick-nick pig

She's called Coral, I adorned her beautiful baby pink braid with a sweet yellow thread bow.

When Pigs fly...

Happy Hen

It also has templates for an adorable 'lil lamb and hen on this page. I've made a few hens but no lambs yet. These are great little projects that you can be proud of as a beginner like me! I've been adding my own personal touches like hair and I take bits of iron-on felt cut outs from the tops of individual letters (http://www.amazon.com/Dritz-Iron-Letters-Inch-Black/dp/B000XAQESE ) and iron them on as their eyes! EASY! No fancy stitching required. So thread up your machine and be prepared to possibly become addicted to the women's ultimate power tool, the sewing machine.

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